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My Budget

Design a solution to solve financial problem issues. People who exactly know about the definition of debit, credit, and another definitions in banking world is still low, and it’s impact is peoples who using banking facilities or other financial service is still very low until this day.

It’s not a common thing if you look Indonesian citizens who haven’t yet enjoyed banking services, both in rural and urban areas. Most Indonesian citizens still have difficulty to managing their finance because of the problems which has been mentioned above.

The Challenges

Design Process

Used IDEO’s human centered design thinking process as the main foundation to do this research and for each design process.

5 Stage of Design Thinking Process


To understand more about the users, I interviewed a few persons who have an experience related to this topic to solve some issues. I interviewed them to know more about their goals and how their achieve it.


Affinity Mapping

Pain Points and Behaviors

**- When people have an income or salary their don’t know how to manage it

User Persona

I made a user persona based on all of the informations that I have from my observation to guide me to make design decisions.

User Persona

User Scenarios

I developed three different user scenarios to help me to get a clearer pictures and explore more about how people can manage his finance and easily pay anything which the user want to buy using the user persona above.

Case #1

First Stage (Hillman’s decision to buy stuff)

Second Stage (Hilman go to IKEA)

Third Stage (Hilman pay the item)

Case #2

First Stage (Hillman’s decision to buy stuff)

Second Stage (Hilman go to IKEA)

Third Stage (Hilman pay the item)

Well, Case #2 is preferred because it can handle many issues very effective and efficient than the others. Therefore this app can manage someone budget, manage income-outcome-assets, and it also can be a payment gateway.

I choose this case as a scope of this app.



I begin to make some sketch which defines potential solutions to solve pain points above. At this step, all of these solutions is based on my assumptions and not validated yet, because my concern is to find effective ways to navigate and show all the information also I concern to user needs.


Flow Chart



High Fidelity

I make an high-fidelity User Interface based on the solutions and my experience on designing an application. This is the link for high quality User Interface images:

Clickable Prototype

Here is the clickable app that i made using Figma App


I just test the app to my siblings only to find out the application is good or not. I realize that the app is not completely finish. My sister commented the UI of the App and its sound good.

Crafted with 🔥 in a single night by certain member